Piazzale donatori di sangue, Mestre - Venice

Architectural restoration of Villa Erizzo

The Erizzo family built the Villa between 1770 and 1780.

In 1824 the Villa was bought by the Bianchini family and they turned the Villa into the new strategic center of the city of Mestre.

In 1842 the railway was built in Mestre and the Villa and its lands were in between the railway and the historic city center. With this change in the surroundings, Villa Erizzo lost its countryside definition and all around new settlements were built.

On the 27th of October 1848 the Austrian Head Quarter established in Villa Erizzo.

In 1922, more than a thousand square meters of land were expropriated for the construction of Piave Street.

In 1938 Villa Erizzo became the head quarter of the Adriatic Electricity Company. The company enlarged the building and changed the use of the building from house to commercial structure.

Lastly, the City hall of Venice, bought the abandoned building to turn it into the new public library. In this case we carried out architectural, conservative and redevelopment works to turn the Villa into the current public library.