Palazzo Berlendis – Venice

Restoration of the piano nobile

Built between 1601 and 1602, Berlendis Palace is part of an urban extension project of the northern part of Venice, the Fondamente Nove area.

Palazzo Berlendis in renown not only for the stuccoes and the frescoes of the piano nobile, but also for housing the philosopher Nietzsche in the 1880.

In September 2017 the piano nobile of Berlendis Palace, owned by the Dissera-Bragadin family, was bought by Mr. Pascal Breton. His passion and sensibility for art had him to make an important intervention of restoration. The original magnificence of this apartment is now revealed again.

Part of this intervention was for the technical plants, both heating and electrical, as well as for the recovery and conservation of the decorated surfaces.

As the restoration project was very complex and delicate, we made preliminary studies in order to develop an action plan. These studies included: photographic investigations, historic investigations and diagnosis of the structural problems.

For every surface decorated with stuccoes and marmorini the modern painting layers were removed with the use of solvents mixtures, while it took four months of work just to clean and conserve the overall Alcove room.