Fondamenta Gasparo Contarini, 3534 - VenICE

Restoration and renovation of XVII century Palazzo

The Palazzo has come down to us depleted after years of complete abandonment. Its story was barely legible underneath inadequate coatings, water leaking through the roof and high tides.

The restoration site lasted 18 months. One year and a half of hard works, during which all the components of the Palazzo were restored: from the roof to the foundations.

Several wooden and plaster finishes have been preserved. The special features of the Palazzo have been enhanced. The typical spaces of the Venetian architecture have been restored: the large main salon, the ample windows, the Venetian terrazzo floors, and the garden with centuries-old trees.

The Palazzo is now home to Hotel Heureka and 12 new suite rooms. Historical features and eclectic modern furnishing create and unexpected welcoming and elegant atmosphere.