San Pietro Chapel and Bell Tower

Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari - Venice

Sturctural consolidation of the vaults
and isolation of the bell tower from the Basilica

Numerous visible cracks on the vaults of the St. Pietro Chapel of the Basilica dei Frari and severe deformations of the columns required a rapid intervention with emergency shoring.

This restoration and consolidation intervention was very delicate and was carried out in separate steps. Each step had its technical difficulties. The vaults have been consolidated with injections of structural mortars and have been reinforced with carbon fiber bands. For this intervention we followed a long studied and approved procedure, developed soon after the 1997 earthquake.

The ledge of the Chapel has been examined and all the bricks have been secured back in place to avoid any future detachments. The structure of the bell tower has been isolated from the adjoining Basilica. This operation is to prevent the vibrations of the bell tower from causing other deformations and tensions in the Basilica.