Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute – Venice

Restoration of the exterior marmorino plasters

The exterior surfaces of the Sanctuary, the small Sacristy and the bell tower of the Basilica della Salute, were widely affected by peeling and detachment of the plasters. The exterior plasters, restored in the past century, were now compromised.

The main focuses of this restoration work were: the choice of adequate plaster composition to be in line with the historic characteristics of the building and resistant to the outdoor environment; the choice of a color that would align with the nearby sides of the building; the reproduction of the plaster molded frames that adorn the building.

To ensure the perfect integration of the new frames with the existing ones, casts and molds were made to shape the wide and structured semi-circular surfaces. The frame integration had to fit with the existing plasters and the new ones, without being too impactful. For this reason a specific plaster composition was studied and put into place, along with transparent layers of mineral pigments and calcium caseinate brushed on top.