Alfier S.r.l. is a company working in construction business at Venice.. Situated in Piazzale Roma, Alfier S.r.l. is there to welcome you in the beautiful city of Venice.

Established by surveyor Giovanni Alfier, who has worked in this environment since 1984, Alfier S.r.l. is qualified in the restoration and conservation of historic buildings and palaces.

The 30 year-old working expertise developed in this field, is skillfully used to restore and renovate also residential buildings.

The attention to details and to structural reinforcements, are its main distinctive features. Alfier S.r.l. is known in Venice both for these knowledge and skills that make it possible to operate in a particular city like Venice, so unique and delicate. Restoring the past for a better future is the mission that guarantees passion and reliability in Allier’s day to day work.

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The staff working in Alfier S.r.l. is highly qualified to work in the city that is Venice.

Thanks to technicians, master builders, restorers and laborers of proven experience, the company can work with the adequate knowledge and skills in every working situation.

The philosophy carried on by Mr. Alfier gives everyone inside the company the possibility to increase its level of qualification and expertise, in order to become more aware and independent.


Abass S.r.l. has always been very sensitive and attentive to the issue of safety at work. That is why it is in possession of all the necessary certifications.

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